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Restore Joy Cleanse- Sample Juicing Guide

I've been feeling the urge to do another Juice Cleanse, and I'd love to do it with a few people from my Joy Tribe. Prior to my first successful 3 day cleanse this summer- I've never been successful at this, and for a few reasons that I'm most aware of. Reason #1- If the juice didn't taste good, I just couldn't drink it. Reason #2- I didn't prepare myself mentally or physically for my cleanse and I ate horribly leading up to it, which made the detox systems so much harder. Reason #3- I'm sure it would have been helpful to not have had to do it alone. All to say, I've learned a few things, though I'm still on this learning journey.

Looking back, I wish I had a sample schedule. Below is a sample guide that I give to my tribe who purchases their juices from us. You can totally do what works best for you. I've added alternative raw food options in the guide to show you what options can look like. I'll share support tips soon.

So what do ya think? You down?? This isn't your average cleanse ya'll. In fact, I may share an approach to this process that may be against popular opinion. Many associate a Cleanse with Weight Loss, but this just isn't about losing weight. There are so many more benefits that gives our body time to rest, heal and restore ease after DISease. In fact, I want you to remove the word "loss" from your consciousness. Why? Because I personally believe that the word "loss" triggers resistance in our mind. It never fails for me that when I tell myself that I “can’t have” a given thing, it makes me desire it 3x more. And that sense of suffering can be the source of failure in staying committed to my plan. So instead, I choose to focus less on "loss" and replace the thought with what I want to gain! Yes GAIN. Now don’t get me wrong, YES- I want to shed a few stubborn pounds. But I can’t focus on that. Instead, I’m saying I’d like to GAIN 1) discipline, 2) a sense of personal achievement, and 3) feeling joy in my body from choosing healthier habits. All of which will support my desired outcomes of weight and fat loss + supporting my overall health.

I’m likely going to create a GroupMe chat for a few to join the Restore Joy Cleanse Support Circle. Community matters 😊 If interested, please complete the questionnaire here. It’s free to join. Share with a friend if you’d like. Remember- May 1 is go time. I’ll be in touch.

Sample Juicing Guide Plan Below-

Schedule Example: 16:8 Intermittent Fasting which means 16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window. If you purchase your juice from me, your juice will be frozen. Please only take out what you need to drink each day. Thaw in lukewarm water for 20-30 min. Shake Well and Enjoy!

· Wake & Hydrate- Water Only

· Eating Window Starts 10AM: Morning Tea: Recommended Blends- Green, Tulsi/Lemon Balm, Moringa, Lemon Ginger, or Ginseng Tea. Add lemon & natural sweetener honey or blue agave.

· 11AM: Juice 1 Green Machine | Alternative = Smoothie or Raw Fruit & Vegetable + Water

· 12PM: Juice 2 Nature’s Energy Drink | Alternative= Raw Fruit, Vegetable or Side Salad + Water

· 2PM: Juice 3- Sweet Potato Joy + Water

· 3PM: Afternoon Tea of Choice if desired.

· 4PM: Juice 4- Beet Fruit Punch with Side Salad + Water

· 6PM: Evening Tea: Recommended- Lemon Ginger, Moringa, Rose, Chamomile Tea. Add lemon & natural sweetener ex honey or agave.

· Eight- hour Eating Window Closed- Drink Water infused with Lemon.

Plan for Your Day and Adjust for your Success.

I recommend choosing an 8 hour “eating” window to consume all your juice. Once your window starts it’s best to have a juice at least every 2 hours until your window has closed. I personally prefer a 11AM-7PM or 10AM-6PM. Having a warm tea helps to curve your appetite; just don’t add any artificial sweeteners. Lemon and Honey or Agave will do you well. Please don’t forget to drink your water. This is essential during your juicing cleanse process. A gallon a day is ideal but no less than 80oz. It’s helpful to drink your first 16 ounces to upon waking and starting your “eating” window.

Questions: Contact Chantel at

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