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Juicing in Your
Golden Years

For the Wise Souls over 50: We understand that age is just a number, and our e-book is designed to celebrate the wisdom and experiences of those in their golden years. Whether you're an active senior or a seasoned momma, juicing can be a game-changer on your wellness journey.


As we age, our bodies undergo unique changes, and juicing offers a powerful way to provide your body with essential nutrients, support with bone health, enhance mental sharpness, and manage hormonal shifts. Our juicing recipes are tailored to suit your needs, making the process simple, delicious, and beneficial for your vibrant lifestyle.


7 Chapters & Easy Recipes

Chapter 1: The Benefits of Juicing for Our Amazing Mommas (and Anyone Over 50!)
Chapter 2: Juicing for Hormones over 50 - Finding Balance and Bliss
Chapter 3: Thriving Beyond Menopause - Juices and Smoothies to Tame the Symptoms
Chapter 4: Nourishing the Mind - Sweet and Delicious Juices for Mental Sharpness
Chapter 5: Sip to Spice Things Up - Juices for Sexual Health and Joy over 50
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Chapter 7: Satisfyingly Sweet Juices for Diabetics over 50 - Embrace the Sweetness with Lower Glycemic Goodness

Grab A Copy For Yourself
or Loved One Over 50!!  

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I wrote this e-book with my momma in mind....

Now, here's a little secret about black mommas (shh, don't tell them I spilled the beans) - no matter how healthy something is, if it don't taste good, they ain't havin' it! So, we've got you covered with juices that are gonna make your momma, aunty, and them go, "Mmm, child, this is the good stuff!" Yep, just like that. 


But it's not  just about the taste. We're mixin' up juices that'll give our mommas the power to strut their stuff like never before. From supporting those bones, so they keep groovin', to easing those aches and pains, and even taming those blood sugar levels like a boss - we've got it all!

So here's your chance.
Grab this e-book while you can. 

Value Price $59.99
Current Introductory Price $17.99 (limited time) 

Email me your juicing stories and experiences

Let's keep the joy and wellness flowing, one sip at a time. Share this book with your momma and them, spread the juicing love, and let's toast to a life of laughter, love, and endless possibilities.


Remember, age is just a number, and we're all on this juicy journey of life together. Embrace the power of juicing, embrace the joy, and embrace every moment with an open heart.


With all my love, gratitude, and a glass of fresh juice,


Chantel, Joy Juice Culture 

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