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The Restore Joy Cleanse & "Raw Monday's" are both an individual and community challenge to kickstart healthy habits, cleanse your body of toxins through juicing and eating a raw diet, as well as a total mind, spirit and body reboot to help you to establish a sustainable wellness practice.


 You are welcome to start this challenge at any time and/or join one our community challenges when offered.  

Experience the Restore Joy Cleanse 


Signs You Need to Detox/Cleanse

Mental & Emotional Signs

  • You have brain fog and trouble focusing. 

  • You experience mood swings and anxiety. 

  • You have little motivation, low enthusiasm and lack ability to cope with stress. 

  • You never feel rested. 

Body & Skin Signs

  • You tend to gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it no matter how hard you try. 

  • You have headaches more than occasionally. 

  • You have frequent pain, muscle achiness or stiffness in your joints.

  • You suffer from allergies and frequently get low level infections and colds. 

  • You get hot and sweaty often. 

Digestion and Food Related Signs. 

  • You feel addicted to foods you know aren't good for you. 

  • You frequently crave starchy and sugary foods. 

  • You feel bloated often.

  • You get indigestion, gas and heartburn after eating. 

Ready to Start? Read Full Cleanse Instruction Below 


Need Encouragement During Your Cleanse? Join Our Facebook Community Support Group Below. 

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