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"Joy Juice Culture is bigger than JUICE.
We're restoring joy and generational health for our ourselves, families & community."

My name is Chantel Jones Bigby, I'm the wife to Darius, Mom to Addison and Aubrie, and Chief Joy Officer here at Joy Juice Culture. After over nearly a decade of desperation to reverse my health issues and simply wanting to feel more joy in my life- I came across a documentary about the healing powers of juicing and living a plant-forward lifestyle. I was immediately intrigued and thought to myself, I have nothing to lose but to give this a shot.


Fast forward 8 years of personal research, trying hundreds of recipes until I finally found how to pair foods to make "healthy taste good" for me and my family- Joy Juice Culture was created! I'm blessed and proud to say that to this day, I've reversed hypertension, high cholesterol, lowered my A1C, and my dissolved my fibroids naturally through a diet and lifestyle change. I'm on a mission to help others to do the same. 

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Profit-for-Purpose Mission

- Reduce health disparities, promote generational health and well-being in the communities where we work, live, and play. 

- Convert non-fruit or vegetable eaters into lovers of natural juice, rich in vitamins & nutrients. 

- Serve as a resource to educate youth and adults on finding joy in their life & work. 

-Prepare the next generation of youth to be healthy, socially conscious, leaders in and beyond Dallas.  


- Juice & Plant-Powered Wellness Products

- Group & Team Cleanse Support

- Speaking Engagements

- Classes/Workshops 


Interested in working with us? Give us a shout. 


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